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"Man's Best Friend" was domesticated about 15,000 years ago and the dog is still the most domesticated animal in human history. They are helpful for a variety of purposes like hunting, herding, assisting police and protecting the house. Dog lovers just go crazy for them and love them like their kids. They provide them all the facilities like good and nutritious food to eat, warm place to live, and what not! They just carry them along with them wherever they go, on vacation, or picnics.

Keeping this in mind, a few casino owners have started allowing their customers to bring their pets along with them. Most of the casino hotels do not allow pets to enter. But the question arises, whether pets should be allowed in casinos?

The answer is, why not! After all every businessman wants to expand the business and if allowing dogs to come into casino games attracts more customers, it’s worth it. Moreover, there is an additional entry fee for pets which also adds to the income.

More and more casino players are willing to come to casinos and play casino games if they are allowed in with their loving pets. Casino in UK has already started following this new business idea.



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